Design Ownership & Construction

The designer of the final selected submission will be awarded $1,000 USD. The final selected design will become the property of the Competition Sponsor for the development of a permanent memorial. The Competition Sponsor shall retain all ownership rights to the final design and monument as designed and manufactured.

The Competition Sponsor reserves the right to modify the final selected design if, in the judgment of the sponsor, it will increase design and construction effectiveness. The final monument will be constructed of granite, bronze, or a combination thereof.

The Competition Sponsor will manufacture, install and maintain the final monument to withstand the test of time and maintain its integrity and beauty for generations. The winning designer’s name will be affiliated with the design and may appear on the monument, as allowed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The winning designer is prohibited from using Nelson Mandela’s name and/or image through derivation or association with the memorial and/or design competition except as expressly agreed in writing by the sponsor.