Design Requirements

Conceptual designs must be intended for permanent outdoor placement. All qualified designs must be suitable for manufacture in granite and/or bronze.

Each design submission should include at least one (1), but no more than three (3) views of a proposed design. Acceptable file types include PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG. There is a maximum size of five (5) megabytes for each attachment.

All submissions must include a written rationale and description (up to 500 words) in English. All descriptive text should be entered in the space provided on the design submission form. Text on illustrations should be limited to captions or call-outs. Entrant name and/or contact information must not be included on entry submission materials.

Entries submitted without an illustration or written rationale will automatically be disqualified with no exceptions.

PowerPoint presentations, white papers, or other formats than specified above will not be accepted as suitable entries and will be disqualified.

All design submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Representative of the established Mission Statement and Design Principles: 50%
  2. Visual Appeal: 20%
  3. Excellence in Design and Vision: 30%

Material and Size Specifications:

The Nelson Mandela Memorial will be constructed in bronze and/or myriad colors, strains and textures of granite. Both polished and unpolished granite may be incorporated into the design.

The Monument will be constructed to a maximum height of 15’ and maximum perimeter of 20’ x 20’.
Minimum dimensions for monument design are 15’ x 15’ x 15’.

Click each photo for details:

The site of the Nelson Mandela Memorial is on one of the highest spots in Skylawn Memorial Park overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountain Range. The existing hydro pole will be moved from the site location.


The Nelson Mandela Memorial will be placed on a 30’ x 30’ circular foundation that will be added to the concrete pathway between the road and the crest of the hill. The existing hydro pole will be moved from the site location.


An alternate view of the project site and concrete pathway where the 30’ x 30’ circular base will be added to serve as the foundation for the permanent memorial.


View of the project site from the crest of the hill, facing the roadway. The ocean view is behind the photographer.


Road-facing orientation of the memorial with the ocean view as its backdrop is ideal for welcoming visitors to the site. The optimum placement of the memorial on its circular foundation will be determined in collaboration with the winning designer.


View of the project site from the opposite side of the road. The concrete pathway is on the right side of the frame.


View or download the Project Site Plan.


View or download the Site Grading Plan.


To confirm the location of the circular base, view or download the New Grading Plan.